Hi there. And welcome to Crafty Modern! The blog and brand of Felicity S. The blog shares all kinds of stitchery, crafty, vintage, and design goodness. The brand makes all kinds of hand illustrated, handmade embroidery patterns, home goods, art, party fun and more. Inspiration comes from pop culture and pop art, folk art, mid-century modern design, vintage toys, carnivals, movies, and humor (and anything else I like).

Embroidery and stitchery is a big part of the Crafty Modern experience and I hope that you enjoy my embroidery patterns and samplers, and all the other stitchy awesomeness that’s offered.

Contact at : info (at) craftymodern.com

About Felicity:  I am mid-century modern, vintage, thrift shopping, pop culture, kitsch, toy, paper craft, and design obsessed. I live in the southwest in a small, early 60s one-level ranch house with one creative husband, two kids, my lovely talented mom, three rescue mutt dogs, and an old cat.

I also blog about creativity and motivation as it leads to personal, professional and organizational success (which in turn can change the world) at A Hello to Awesome! 


Now for the copyright stuff: The stuff on this blog is written by me and is my content. I post pics of my handcrafted items, illustrations, and other fun stuff– share my pics. If you want to use one of my pictures, do so with proper attribution and link back. Do not use pics from this blog for commercial purposes and only use for promotion of my content, designs, and items. Do not in part or whole post Crafty Modern blog posts on other sites.  I in no way pass any of my copyright off to or approve the use of my content to anyone (contact me if you wish to discuss use of content). We post attribution/give full credit when we talk about and post pics of others’ wonderful creations.

Book Reviews: Images used related to vintage and new craft books are used for book review/recommendation purposes and are cited/attributed to author and publisher.


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  1. Eve says:

    I want to win because Mod Podge is awesome! Seriously – I’m a new crafter/DIY-er and I’m ALL IN. Trying to be as productive as possible whle I’m looking for employment. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!

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