Crafty Modern the Brand  (in a nutshell)

Happy Modern Handcrafted Lifestyle – Crafty Modern is a contemporary creative studio inspired by mid-century design and illustration, pop culture, folk art, and all sorts of eclectic design movements. The motto here is color! color! color! and I like to say that our style is Modern – Folk – Pop .

Crafty Modern sells Quirky, colorful, and stylish contemporary mid-century and folk-pop inspired design that manifests itself as embroidery patterns, home goods, holiday decor, small batch art pieces, and more.

At the core of Crafty Modern (goods and blog) is a dedication to seeing the human hand (a quirky one at that) in everything done. Hand drawn, hand painted textured goods with graphic, beautiful colors. That’s important to us.

Follow the blog for creative and vintage inspiration, crafty projects, and to see what’s being made next.

We live in Tempe, Arizona and everything is made in our home studio (sometimes outsourced to the living room to watch a movie while stitching or outside to enjoy the Arizona weather).

Contact Crafty Modern: felicity (at) craftymodern.com

Shop Crafty Modern on Etsy: craftymodern.etsy.com

About Felicity S.

I’m a modest 1960s ranch-house dweller, who loves toys and dolls, paper crafts, mid-century modern design, pop culture, movies, making and stitching stuff, junk shopping, books and illustration and staying creatively motivated (and helping others to do that too).On the Crafty Modern blog I’ll share my enthusiasm for all things stitchy, crafty, and creative. I do craft and art supply product reviews.   I’ll share free patterns and printables and links to where you can purchase goods from Crafty Modern. I love books and review vintage and new craft, design, and art books.   I’ll also share tips for bloggers and creatives on online selling, blogging, the creative process, and more.

What can Crafty Modern do for you?  

Would you like to carry Crafty Modern handcrafted goods or place some of Felicity’s art pieces in an upcoming gallery show or invite us to attend an upcoming event: contact at Felicity (at) craftymodern.com

We can design stuff – hand-drawn illustrations for blogs, printable materials, apps, and more: surface designs, cards, wall art, patterns, mid-century modern inspired handcrafted wood art and housewares; and make you laugh (funny, strange funny so don’t have your censor filters on, but funny); share embroidery patterns with you (free and for sale) and in turn Felicity wants to see what you’ve stitched and where that stitching goes; share our creative process and digital print-outs for things like Christmas tags (that’s right high and lofty artistic ideals and cute printables for holiday fun – the full package). And Felicity will share lots of good stuff with you on the Crafty Modern blog.

On the blog Felicity can do for you:

  • Reviews of craft and art supply brands and products. This is always fully disclosed and all opinions are 100% honest. Email felicity (at) craftymodern.com for rates and to discuss.
  • Book or movie reviews – one review copy provided by publishing or film company. Again all reviews are 100% honest and Felicity’s own opinions. (read some of my book reviews)
  • Promote events in the Phoenix area as well as those in the United States that correlate to Crafty Modern’s brand style and blog content.
  • Giveaways/contests for craft and art supplies, books, or other items that are on target for Crafty Modern’s awesome fan base.
  • Something else? Let’s talk and see.

Email felicity (at) craftymodern.com for press kit and more info.

What you can do for Crafty Modern?

Please support, shop and share Crafty Modern with the world; especially if you love the illustrations, embroidery patterns, digital goods, handcrafted home goods, art, and blog content.

Support what you love.

Follow Crafty Modern, interact. Comment (no trolls, I mother f#$#$ing hate trolls). Let’s connect.

Invite Crafty Modern to your next event, sell our items in your store, make some space and invite Felicity to show on your gallery wall.

Shop Handcrafted wonders at Crafty Modern on Etsy.

About Crafty Modern (the longer of it)

Welcome to Crafty Modern. I’m Felicity and this is my design frenzied, vintage mid-century modern inspired, artistic desert homestead on the web. Living in the west you’ve got to homestead, and in real life – you know the non-internet kind – I and my family dwell in an early 1960’s small, white ranch house with yellow,  turquoise, and green walls.

How did Crafty Modern come about? As a family we love craft, hand making quirky things and the endless possibility of fabric, thread, glue, paper, paint, pipe cleaners, wood and and and……. We love modern design and mid-century modern most everything AND POP CULTURE – you name it: comic books, Star Wars, Dr. Who, metal toys, on and on. And Crafting and Modern make us happy, just as color does. So Crafty Modern it is and shall be.

The we that is referred to when talking about Crafty Modern is my (Felicity’s) extremely talented artist husband Brian who draws and designs for Crafty Modern as well as builds wood mid-century modern inspired wall art, home goods, and holiday décor. The other part of the we is my (Felicity’s) mom Susan who creates many of the hand embroidered ornaments and draws embroidery patterns, as well as beautiful illustrations for framing.

The voice you hear on the blog. That’s Felicity.

About Felicity (the longer of it)

I’m a Phoenix area designer and stitcher (like that is seriously a big focus for me). And I want desperately for you to come along on this journey and share my creativity with you. Does that sound too needy? Well it is, and honestly what’s an artist, designer, kitschy crafter, stitcher, and lover supposed to do without connections? Not much really. I make stuff and I want to share it.

I adore cute and strange and I have no problem combining as needed. I’m heavily influenced by mid-century modern design , Mexican folk-art, living in the desert, vintage and new crafty stuff, fine art, humor, and pop culture of all kinds (favorite color combinations: turquoise and orange, pink and orange, olive green and gold).

I want to suggest everyone be better people and get a glue gun. I want you to buy our goods not just because we need a dollar or two (and we do, we really do, so yes please buy something), but because I want folks to participate in supporting artists and hand creations.  Oh and I want to help people smile and enjoy making silly things sometimes just because making something silly is needed (what else can all my vintage inspired kitschy crafting be?).

What are my qualifications as an artist/designer/crafter?

I make stuff ALL the time. I can’t stop.


Now for the copyright stuff: The stuff on this blog is written by me and is my content. I post pics of my handcrafted items, illustrations, and other fun stuff– share my pics. If you want to use one of my pictures, do so with proper attribution and link back. Do not use pics from this blog for commercial purposes and only use for promotion of my content, designs, and items. Do not in part or whole post Crafty Modern blog posts on other sites.  I in no way pass any of my copyright off to or approve the use of my content to anyone (contact me if you wish to discuss use of content). We post attribution/give full credit when we talk about and post pics of others’ wonderful creations.

Book Reviews: Images used related to vintage and new craft books are used for book review/recommendation purposes and are cited/attributed to author and publisher.