Adding Color to the Front of the House Using Planter Pots

Here at the Crafty Modern household we’ve got little dollars and a tight budget. I have dreams of grandeur for my front yard (including pouring a new patio and planting more citrus trees and a raised veggie garden), but at the moment those are a no-go. And the soil in my front planter area is B-A-D, needs serious nutrients, so the plants I do have in there just don’t grow that fast or that big. They kind of hold on for dear life and sprout a little leaf here or there every so often (one bush actually does pretty well even though it grows slow, but I think that’s because it is dangerously thorny and tough).

So what to do what to do? Well a couple of weeks ago I popped in to a local discount store looking for socks for my daughter, and of course I had to look at housewares. And there, in the housewares, was a whole set of beautiful pots in magical fantastic colors and folk modern motifs. I actually got a little dizzy with excitement. And the biggest of the pots was only 11.99 and the smallest was 5.99. And yup, I purchased five pots, five fabulous lovely pots (the two white pots with green and blue flowers that you see in the pictures came from Anthropologie one magical day when they had items that were like 80% off and my new pots go with them beautifully).



I went home, dropped off the pots, grabbed my daughter and we headed straight to the home store for some cheap veggie plants, succulents, potting soil, and plant food. Came home and planted those suckers right in those pots. Now there are herbs and veggies growing and the front has a lot more color. A few days later I was at Target and I found–what to me was so perfect–matching ceramic owl plant markers/statues. Add my plastic owl that doesn’t scare away one darn bird, a gnome reading a book, two dutch children kissing (a dollar store purchase from long ago), and assorted rocks and now we’ve got some color, some green, and some edible yummies coming our way.


 And the point of this post, is get over what you can’t do and do what you can. Oh, and grow some veggies!

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  1. So pretty and such a great idea. Our front porch is all green and more green from ivy and bushes…some colorful planters would definitely help!

  2. Cute! Love the bright colors! It looks great.

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