Announcing A Hello to Awesome


Hey there Crafty Modern fans. I’m announcing a new venture and blog that I’ve just begun. It’s A Hello to Awesome. I’m really excited about this site and the impact potential that it has. A Hello to Awesome is where […]

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Book Review: “I Just Like to Make Things” by Lilla Rogers


I’m all about constantly consuming books, movies, articles, etc… on the process of creativity as well as just how to plain old market yourself. I’m going to be honest with you Crafty Modern readers, I’m not a young start-up artist….I’m […]

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Hello Crafty Modern Fans!


Hi everyone. I’m afraid the Crafty Modern blog has been a bit silent as of late. There has been much transition on the home front (and even a vacation). I took on a new job and my hubby (who had […]

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“Creative Lettering” an Awesome New Book: Review and Giveaway


Hand lettering is everywhere and growing more and more in popularity. And Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh , a new release from Lark Crafts, is a great start if you are looking for lettering inspiration. Whether you are a beginner or an […]

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On Creativity: Wendell Castle


The American Craft Council did an article on Wendell Castle  — father of the art furniture movement –that provides insight in to his artistic motivation and inspiration. He’s 80 and continues to make fantastic one-of-a-kind art piece furniture. Below are […]

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Got a Blog, Making Your Own Job: Tips and Resources for Getting Great Online

My husband and I just finished attending the TechPhx Conference - that was FREE and really incredible — and there are really great takeaways that I want to share. These are helpful and insightful points.The sessions we attended included story-telling […]

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Book Review: “PUSH Stitchery” Part of an Edgy and Artful Book Series from Lark Crafts


A few weeks back I reviewed PUSH Jewelry and PUSH Prints , new additions to (released on September 4th, 2012)  the PUSH series from Lark Crafts. Today, I’m looking at PUSH Stitchery, another amazing installation in the series. The PUSH […]

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Crafting Just Scared the Heck Out of Me: A Very Short Tale of Messiness and Horror

three skulls  craft

I don’t watch contemporary horror films much (love older B movies), and I can count on one hand the times that as an adult (we’ll say 16+) any film scared me at all. But last night after the rest of […]

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Ten Documentaries for Thinking About and Inspiring Creativity

  I’ve been sick the last few days. That has really sucked. I’m not a good sick person. Too much to do. But I had a list of documentaries on creative folks (that I could stream from Netflix) that I […]

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