Create Retro Colorful Pencil Cases with Burlap and Dimensional Fabric Paint


I found these fabulous plain burlap zippered pencil cases in the dollar bins at a major retailer. A cheap blank canvas for sure (but it’s easy to make your own cases too and burlap isn’t expensive to work with). The burlap is perfect to use with iLoveToCreate Tulip Brand Dimensional Fabric Paint and adds that extra special retro vibe to making fun 1970s inspired designs (think Brady Bunch and Enid Collins bags).



Burlap Pencil Cases (those used were found in  $1.00 bin, but easily made as well)

Tulip Brand Neon Dimensional Paint (the five color Neon pack: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange)

Wax Paper (use dollar store wax paper for my craft projects)

Sharpie Marker


How to:

Place a piece of wax or parchment paper inside the pencil-case to ensure that marker and paint doesn’t bleed through.


Draw your design on each pencil-case with a Sharpie Marker (black can work, just make sure to cover all your lines with paint).
Shake Tulip Brand Dimensional Neon Paint very well and then go over your outlined design with the paint (make sure to squeeze consistently watching out for air bubbles that could make paint squirt out further than your lines).


Let paint dry flat for at least four hours (I would let it sit longer than that, especially if you did any fills).



Now, you’ve got a fabulous decorated case to use for pens and pencils, aspirin, gum or to fill with goodies and gift to someone.



You could use this idea for so many things: a burlap table runner, tote bag, place mats,and on and on…… and iLoveToCreate has lots of fabric paint options.



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6 Responses

  1. Very cute!! Love what you created with your paint!

  2. Summer says:

    Great job. I love the little bird – I know my daughter would love having a bag decorated with the dimensional paint.

  3. I would use that as a clutch! So cute and such a fun way to personalize it!

  4. LOVE how the paint looks on the burlap! Really evens out the bright colors!

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