Embroider and Sew: Make a Peek-a-Boo Felt Eyeglass Case

 This handmade eyeglass case is a quick, fun, and an inexpensive embroidery and sewing project.

Perfect to make a few for those many pairs of sunglasses you have (is that just me?). The front of the case is two lovely eyelash adorned eyes that are embroidered on. The back, my own version of a mid-mod embroidery sampler (basically thread doodling). Also, these are excellent to give as gifts! (I was inspired by a vintage Christmas book take a look at the bottom of the post to see what it was).

The case is lined with a bit of fun fabric I had left from another project (this eyeglass case project is perfect for using up small bits of wonderful fabric). Do not use cheap felt for ANY of your projects!  I repeat, please don’t go to that big brand fabric store ( you know who I’m talking about) and buy the cheap 100% recycled bottle felt off the bolt. That stuff pills and won’t last for crud. I know, you say “But it says it’s made from recycled bottles.” And I say, buy good felt if your making stuff you really care about and want to use. My recommendation is felt from National Nonwovens. Amazing colors, good felt!I believe there are folks on Etsy selling it as well.


Eyes and Sampler Stitches Patterns (pdf)
8″ wide x 6″ tall rectangle of green felt cut with pinking shears (of course use colors you love!)
White felt for two eyes
Black felt for lashes
Any color felt for eye circles
Embroidery Thread ( I use DMC)
Embroidery Needle
8″ long X 6″ tall rectangle of Pretty Fabric For Lining
Sewing Machine
10″ Piece of Ribbon (optional)

Note: You can make this case smaller or bigger. It really is relevant to the size of the glasses you have. I have a lot of bug-eyed glasses that need a lot of space (I adore gigantic sunglasses. Adore!).


First step is to cut out your eyes, lashes, and eye color and embroider on to your felt square (pattern). Then embroider your sampler doodles. Make sure that you place your eyes and sampler appropriately so that when folded in half they’re on either side of the case. And make sure to leave at least 1/2 ” (maybe even a little more) space between the edges and your embroidery for seam allowances.


Now cut out your cotton square lining fabric out with pinking shears. Stitch, placing right sides up against each other, what will be the top of the case together with one straight seam at 1/4″ in.


Now turn your sewn together pieces so wrong sides are touching. Fold project in half and stitch up the side and bottom with a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Extra: I added the piece of gingham ribbon after I had sewn together my case, but if you want to add the ribbon;  I would recommend including it in the initial construction (meaning make sure the length of ribbon is sewn in starting with the first step). Then for finishing effect go over the full length of ribbon with zig zag stitches ( I love zig-zag stitches). 


I was inspired to make the case after finding the idea for the project in
“The Complete Christmas Book” by William Ronin published by Franklin Watts, Inc 1961 page 27. 

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  1. Stella says:

    Fun project.

  2. Jennifer says:

    this is really cute. I was just telling my husband how I need a sunglasses case. You’ve inspired me to make one.

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    I love this! Is it weird that it kind of reminds me of a Muppet? Which I adore?

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