Hand Stamped Cork Board and Push Pins

I’ve been seriously getting in to carving my own stamps. I mean seriously! I can’t stop. I went stamping wild for the holidays, both making Christmas cards and gifts with my stamps. My favorite project was the hand stamped mini cork boards.

hand stamped cork board with paper planes and clouds


Supplies needed:

Cork Board

1 (or more) Speedball Speedy Cut Carving Blocks
2 Quick Drying Stamping Pads in Contrasting Colors (used here Reflections Dye Ink Pads in Horizon and Ruby)
1 Mini Corkboard
Soft Pencil (I use a 2B)
Pattern (draw your own or find something you want to trace, keep it simple)

Push Pins

Cardboard/Natural Cardstock
Hot Glue Gun
Acrylic Seal Spray

Note: remember when carving your stamps to carve everything backwards/ in reverse. My first “Take Flight” stamp I carved it  and then realized “hmmmm, I can read this correctly when looking at the stamp….eek…”

hand carved stamp

To Make the Cork Board

Carve your stamps (I draw images – in reverse – directly on to the stamp with pencil).

Do some test designs on scrap card-stock, both to plan your layout and to practice inking and pressure.

Now stamp away on your cork board.

Let dry (the ink takes much longer to dry on the cork than it does when stamping paper).


For the push pins:  round flat silver thumb tacks are used. Images are stamped on to heavy cardboard card stock. These stamped images are then sprayed with a light coat of acrylic sealing spray ( that states on the can it is recommended for paper). Once that is dry, cut out the images and hot glue to the push pin head (putting the hot glue glob on the head of the tack and then gently placing the cardboard image over it). Don’t use too much hot glue, and be careful…metal tacks heat up.

hand stamped push pins

Want to get into rubber stamping get copy of Making an Impression Designing and Creating Artful Stamps by Geninne D. Zlatkis and published by Lark Crafts (read my review here).

Here’s a great video on About.com for carving rubber blocks and stamping with block print ink http://video.about.com/rubberstamping/Cut-and-Block-Printing.htm

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