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How fun are these monsters (for personal non-digital use only thanks!). If you make them please share (pdf pattern click here). See below for ideas on making awesome Halloween Treat Bags.

A fun way to combine your hand embroidery and sewing together.  This tutorial  is for a drawstring Halloween treat bag that ends up being  5″ wide by 6 1/2″ tall.  Before you begin sewing the bag, you should have a small embroidered piece no more than 4 1/2″ by 3″ . I stitched up a guy from my  Monster Friends pattern  (doing the same guy in hand embroidery and then for a more abstract look with the sewing machine)



Supplies needed:

Two squares of cotton fabric 6″ wide 7 1/2″ long (here’s the pattern)
Embroidered Piece (see bottom of post for very simple pumpkin you can do)
Sewing Machine
1/2″ wide or thinner ribbon 15″ piece per bag
Safety Pin
Iron & Ironing Board


  1. Cut out two your squares

  2. Turn the squares so their right side up is facing each other

  3. Sew one of the 6″ sides together with a 1/4″ seem

  4. Open the piece and lay it long and flat, iron the middle seem you just sewed

  5. Now turn in each 14 1/2″ side 1/4″ twice (turn in to the wrong side/inside of the bag) and iron, straight stitch both sides

  6. Turn each of your 6″ sides down 3/4″ and sew a zig zag sitch along the edge of each folded seem making sure the fabric edge is in the middle of your zig zag (this will leave room for your ribbon channel)

  7. Now it’s time to sew on your embroidered piece. This will be applique. Center it where you want it on the front of the bag and pin it.


  1. Now set your machine to a tight zig zag/applique stitch. On mine I set it to .6 width and 2.5 height.

  2. Stitch around all the edges of the embroidered piece (note that I also did some looser more open zig zag stitching just for embellishment)


  1. Finally it’s time to sew up the bag. Fold the bag together with the right side of the fabric in. Straight stitch from below the 3/4″ top seem to the bottom at the farthest outward edge of the piece. Do this for both sides. NOTE: Do not sew up and close your ribbon channels.

  2. Cut your ribbon to the length you prefer, about  15″ long. Our treat bag ties to one side, so I didn’t cut the ribbon in two.

  3. String the ribbon through both sides using a safety-pin.  Make sure both ends of the ribbon come out on the same side (if you want the bag to tie on one side).


  1. Fill with candy and tie a bow. Give. Fits a 12 oz bag of candy corn or other tasty treats.






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  1. October 3, 2011

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