Make It: Pop Art Inspired Union Jack Tie-Dye Pillow

I received the neon One-Step Tie-Dye Kit from Tulip/I Love to Create. And I had spent days trying to imagine what the right project might be. Then it came to me…..I’ve been pouring over a lot of British pop art images. And with the Olympics coming — and folks crazy over everything London – I thought it only appropriate to make a pop art inspired Union Jack tie-dyed pillow (that’s reversible). Great for a teen’s room, or pop of bright color in your living room.

Materials needed:

One-Step Tie-Dye Kit © from Tulip/I Love to Create
Masking tape
Plastic garbage bags (or $1.00 store plastic table cloths)
17″ by 17″ white or off-white cotton canvas fabric (for each pillow)
Two pieces of felt red and blue each 9″ by 9″ (to sew together for your back)
Pillow form
Sewing machine
White, blue or red thread

Take note: Tie-dye is messy. We did this outside and the table was covered with Dollar Store plastic table cloths. We used gloves and we still ended up with rainbow finger tips and some dye on feet and noses. If your teens are doing this project they won’t be thinking about your bathroom counter or staining the shower curtain (make them do it outside).

Kit Includes: 5 squeeze bottles with dye, 5 dye packets, 8 protective gloves (you’ll really need these), 40 rubber bands, and project ideas.


1. Cut as many squares as pillows you’re going to make. Each square we cut was 17″ X 17″ (look at bottom of the post to see other designs done by the family). All fabric you use for tie dye should be pre-washed so there’s no sizing.

2. Using masking tape, tape out your design. Remember the tape goes where you don’t want to place color (note that colors will bleed, this isn’t an exact craft, if you want less bleeding try leaving more between the edges of the tape and where you place the dye and totally dry fabric will help, as well).

3. I used slightly moist fabric (the kit says you get more intense color with dry). Put on your gloves, add water to shake up your dye, and then start coloring. For this pillow, blue and fuchsia dye were used.

4. Leave the item flat and let set 6 to 8 hours (I placed plastic wrap over the top of mine and taped it down to keep in moisture but because it stays flat it ends up drying, remember to read through all the instructions in the kit and tips before you try things).

5. Take off tape and follow all instructions that come with dye to finish process.

6. Sew together your two pieces of felt with a 1/2″ seam.

7. Pin your felt square to your Union Jack (fronts facing in) sew around three sides with 1/2″ seam

8. Turn right side out, put in your pillow form.

9. Fold in your seam 1/2″ and straight stitch across bottom (I used white thread for this project but blue or red would look fab too)

And a finished pillow!



Want to learn more fun tie dye techniques? Check out I Love to Create site with a whole area dedicated to just this.

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