Mid-Century Craft: Quick Paper Christmas Trees

Christmas time! Christmas time. I love to craft for Christmas. From Craft and Hobby Fun by Marian Bennett 1971, here’s a reminder that crafting can be simple and fun. Here’s how to make quick paper Christmas trees. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this craft (and get as fancy as you like and please use glitter).





I made my first couple of trees from 1. a sample sheet of MCM Bradbury & Bradbury Wallpaper that I had 2. Scrapbooking paper that I’ve been saving forever because I love it (and fits perfect with the Crafty Modern look). Make sure when creating your cone to leave a top hole pick enough for a toothpick (if you’re going to make a topper).


sun topper

For the tree toppers: 1. a hand stamped shape and glitter plus toothpick 2. a quickly doodled Girard inspired sun with glitter and toothpick.




How fun is this book? And chock full of ideas for kiddos of yesteryear and some for the kids of today. Of course there’s lots of rubber cement, saws, and setting your own fires (as any quality kiddo craft book would be before the mid 1980s). And I love how the angel craft below requires a camera flash bulb to make the head. PDF Here.









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