Napkin Ring Charms Using Shrinky Dinks and a Typewriter

 I’m crazy about the idea of a carnival or circus themed wedding (though these Shrinky Dinked napkin ring charms would be lovely for many events such as baby showers, anniversaries, and engagement parties).

I made Shrinky Dink charms in quirky shapes for ladies and gentleman. After you use them on your cloth napkins, the guests can tie them on their wrists and take the charms home for later use to celebrate the wedding couple’s love (oh and they just look so darn cute). There are top hats, mustaches, hearts, balloons, cotton candy, and lollipops. 

The guests can tie the charms right on their wrists.




Use a typewriter to type on the Shrinky Dinks.



My favorite part: I typed right on the Shrinky Dinks before shrinking. Some of the sayings I used below (you could type the couple’s names or other lovely quotes or poems).  I hand drew the shapes by tracing over images I had drawn on white paper,  but you can  buy Shrinky Dinks that are friendly with your ink jet printer.  And I made the cloth napkins as well, but I’m super keen on making napkins from vintage sheets (check out all these tutorials on things to do with vintage sheets).



Shrinky Dinks
Markers/Colored Pencils or a Ink Jet Printer
Bakers Twine (wax cord would be good too)
Shapes to trace and color (or print out)
Hole punch

Follow your Shrinky Dink instructions, color and type on them before shrinking, and punch your hole before shrinking (as Sarah reminds us in her Shrinky Dink jewelry post).

Cotton Candy: “Sweet and Fluffy”
Balloons: “Truly A Dream”, “Beautiful Fun Love All Around”



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