On Creativity: Wendell Castle


The American Craft Council did an article on Wendell Castle  — father of the art furniture movement –that provides insight in to his artistic motivation and inspiration. He’s 80 and continues to make fantastic one-of-a-kind art piece furniture. Below are a few of my favorite quotes:

On sketching design ideas “I have no use for computer renderings,…..The computer wants to iron out your lumps and bumps, and I don’t want them ironed out. I want it to still have some funkiness, not be too slick.”

On making art - “I think of it as: I’m an artist working in a studio, and it’s expensive. So I have to make enough money to keep working in my studio. Because what I really want to do is work in a studio.”

“Wendell Castle’s New Adopted Rules of Thumb
1.   Distrust what comes easily.
2.   You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
3.   Bring conflicting attitudes to bear on the same problem.
4.   We should never know for whom you’re designing.
5.   Always listen to the voice of eccentricity.
6.   The whole secret to designing a chair is applying the seat of your pants to the seat of the chair.
7.   The problem with taking life in your own hands is you have no one else to blame.
8.   If your mind is not baffled, your mind is not fully employed.
9.   Imagination, not reason, creates what is novel.
10. Jumping to conclusions is not exercise.
11. Keep knocking – eventually someone will look down to see who’s there.”

Read the full article here.  And more on Wendell Castle here and here.

All quotes above copyright American Craft Council Online “A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Octogenarian” Nov 19th 2012

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