Party Ideas: Kokeshi Doll Themed Birthday Party

Our daughter just turned 10. Wow! That’s a big deal right?  She wanted to have a birthday party, and we love throwing theme parties. She and I thought long and hard about  the theme. We knew it should be fun, quirky, and sweet but appeal to 4th grade kids. We decided on a Kokeshi Doll party held in our backyard.


The first thing was to make the invites. My daughter drew her own kokeshi doll, we scanned it in, and added it to the invitations.


Next, I ordered blank wooden dolls from Woodworks LTD in large and small. I bought Folk Art paint from Michael’s and a couple of packs of cheap paint brushes.


With my Silhouette Machine I printed out and cut paper kokeshi dolls (and other shapes too)to use as decorations and smaller ones to stick to the treat bags (made with cheap white lunch bags).


For table decor we bought three balloon weights with flower decor from the 99 Cent Store and we had kokeshi doll fabric that we used on the table (and next for a great sewing project).

Then a gigantic pink pony piñata from Dulceria Pico Rico in Phoenix (great selection of party stuff! great! and they were so helpful and kind) and purchased bulk candy from Excel Ice Cream & Candy Company.




Before the party we prepped some of the blank dolls. We made all black for ninjas, brown for monkeys or lions, and Susan painted dolls with a face base and dress if the kids wanted to make a traditional kokeshi. We left some blank.


We had the kids paint at the beginning of the party when they first arrived. This way there was time for the dolls’ paint to dry and for us to varnish them and have that dry before each child left the party.

The kids loved it and wanted to paint multiple dolls. We had a bubble station (kids love bubbles!!!) to fill the time while some kiddos finished painting.


When everyone was done with their dolls it was time for the big pink pony piñata. We gave each child a treat bag that they could use for their candy. They had a blast and really knocked the heck out of the piñata. Candy and toys went everywhere (we had wax mustaches which most of the kids declared funny but disgusting to taste).

All in all a great party. Happy 10 bday little girl!



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