Playing with Glitter: Creepy Sparkly Dollar Store Skeletons Using Mod Podge and Dimensional Magic


Halloween has arrived at the Dollar Store. Hanging on an end cap were lots of 14 1/2″ tall plastic skeletons calling out to be glittered. Of course I bought a big batch. Just to ease myself in to fall projects,¬† I started working on two of these guys (it takes longer than you think to do each skeleton) and more on the way (start now to have maximum glittered Halloween decorations).




I know you see folks glittering up skulls everywhere. But you can make yours different and even more fabulous by using a variety of glitters, adding shapes, dimension, and even  sequins. And kids love to do this.



$1.00 Store Skeletons or Skulls
White Craft Glue
Glitter (lots of glitter, Martha Stewart is my preferred)
Glow-In-the-Dark Mod Podge
Dimensional Magic (gold glitter Dimensional Magic was used, but plain actually might be better)
Sparkle Mod Podge (this is what I had on hand , you can use any Mod Podge depending on the finish you want)
Glue Brush


They are perfect for being both pretty and creepy
and looking lovely both day and night.

Beautiful for a glitzy Halloween party – with a little edge.


Quick How-To:

Craft glue was used to hold on the glitter. Martha Stewart glitters were used in all their wonderful colors. The eyes were made by filling the eye sockets with dimensional magic and then dropping sequins in to it while it was wet. After all the skeleton pieces were dry, each piece was gone over with Glow-In-the-Dark Mod Podge (for the face: only the eyes, nose, and mouth were layered over with Glow-In-the-Dark Mod Podge). Using craft glue, a heart was drawn on the chest and dusted with red glitter (and a little red glitter was dusted around the heart, very subtly). Once that was dry, the heart was filled and covered with Dimensional Magic (which drys clear and glossy).When everything was dry, a last coat of Sparkle Mod Podge was added to all pieces. When this coat was dry, the skeletons were reassembled (be careful when you’re glittering that you keep track of which parts go up and down and to which skeleton). A little tip, for the teeth after the glitter was sprinkled on, the glitter and glue were pushed in between the teeth lines, then more glitter. This way the teeth still show through. PLAY WITH COLOR - here a aquamarine, gold, and orange glitter was used (a little black glitter on the teeth of one of them.)







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  1. These look so great – and spooky too! I can’t believe it’s time for Halloween crafts – I am very ready for Fall! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Amy* says:

    These are sooo cool! How did I miss the glow in the dark Mod Podge? I love the gold dimensional magic and how you have added the hearts to the skeletons! Oh what spooky, sparkly fun!

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