Stitching on Wicker: Hoop Wall Art

I adore vintage straw bags that have embellishment, sparkles, embroidery, and quirky vintage motifs. But I’ve never tried to embroider on wicker or straw. Recently I came across ready-made wood hoops with wicker canvas.  Below is my first attempt (find these ready prepped hoops and wicker embroidery kits at the Crafty Modern shop). I freehand drew a quick pattern on the wicker in assorted colors with Sharpie markers. Then, crewel embroidery thread was used to perform cross stitch over the color.  The Sharpie did rub off some and I did re-color a few places (it helps to do the pattern and set aside the piece to let the marker dry). It may be that oil-based paint markers will work well on plastic wicker but that Sharpie works well with real wicker/straw. Stay tuned, more wicker stitching projects coming.








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