Book Review: “I Just Like to Make Things” by Lilla Rogers


I’m all about constantly consuming books, movies, articles, etc… on the process of creativity as well as just how to plain old market yourself. I’m going to be honest with you Crafty Modern readers, I’m not a young start-up artist….I’m […]

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“Creative Lettering” an Awesome New Book: Review and Giveaway


Hand lettering is everywhere and growing more and more in popularity. And Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh , a new release from Lark Crafts, is a great start if you are looking for lettering inspiration. Whether you are a beginner or an […]

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It’s Christmas: Enter to Win Two Vintage McCall’s Paperback Cookbooks


I was hunting through my DIY vintage library and realized I have multiple copies of a couple of McCall’s Cookbooks – so I thought…”Why not give them away.” You have a week to enter to win these two guys – […]

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“Journal It! Perspectives In Creative Journaling” Review and Giveaway

Journal It Cover

Journal It! Perspectives in Creative Journaling: Techniques from 19 Artists by Jenny Doh and published by Lark Crafts just hit the shelves. I was excited to get a copy as I am always fervently seeking materials on exploring the creative […]

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Pies Pies Pies: Five Pumpkin Pie Recipes

pies pies pies

Help me decide. Which one should I make? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite.  (but note that the mincemeat pie is out of the running for my family, because, well it’s mincemeat) It’s the time of year to […]

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Book Review: “Making an Impression: Designing and Creating Artful Stamps” by Geninne D. Zlatkis


I just got my hands on a copy of Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps by Geninne D. Zlatkis and published by Lark Crafts (came out on October 2nd, 2012). I can’t say enough good things about it. […]

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Book Review: “PUSH Stitchery” Part of an Edgy and Artful Book Series from Lark Crafts


A few weeks back I reviewed PUSH Jewelry and PUSH Prints , new additions to (released on September 4th, 2012)  the PUSH series from Lark Crafts. Today, I’m looking at PUSH Stitchery, another amazing installation in the series. The PUSH […]

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Book Review: “PUSH Jewelry” and “PUSH Prints” – Part of an Edgy and Artful Book Series from Lark Crafts


The PUSH series is an “exciting gallery series that explores contemporary artists who ‘push’ the boundaries of traditional craft mediums.”   “Wow wow wow!” Is the only thing I could say when I opened and flipped through the first two […]

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