Crafty Tools Found Thrifting


  While thrifting this weekend , for a $1.99 each, I found fun crafty tools. I’m very excited to use my very own pompon maker, battery operated embroidery machine, and thread carrier/organizer. Yay for thrifting. The pompon maker was brand […]

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Bump Chenille Monsters and Glittered Candy Coffins: Halloween Party Table Decor

I can’t get enough of Halloween and that’s why I wanted to craft these quirky, vintage-inspired Bump Chenille Monsters and Bright Neon Glittery Candy Holder Coffins.  Beginning  mid-September  it’s full throttle skulls, glitter, pumpkins and more (it’s like a lifestyle […]

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Get the Family Involved: Easy Halloween Banner with Fabric Markers and Paints

  This last weekend we had the super fun of running a craft at Keen Halloween. And iLovetoCreate, in awesome fashion, provided the fabric paints and markers! We decorated tote bags during the craft session, but the night before we […]

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Create Retro Colorful Pencil Cases with Burlap and Dimensional Fabric Paint

I found these fabulous plain burlap zippered pencil cases in the dollar bins at a major retailer. A cheap blank canvas for sure (but it’s easy to make your own cases too and burlap isn’t expensive to work with). The […]

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My Favorites: Le Pen Fine Line Markers Are Wonderful and Come in Beautiful Colors


Okay. Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you’ve used them. If you haven’t, you should. I just got my hands on a batch of Le Pen Fine Line Markers. They come in beautiful colors. The ink goes on the page wonderfully […]

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