Hand Stamped Cork Board and Push Pins

hand stamped cork board with paper planes and clouds

I’ve been seriously getting in to carving my own stamps. I mean seriously! I can’t stop. I went stamping wild for the holidays, both making Christmas cards and gifts with my stamps. My favorite project was the hand stamped mini […]

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Mid-Century Craft: Quick Paper Christmas Trees


Christmas time! Christmas time. I love to craft for Christmas. From Craft and Hobby Fun by Marian Bennett 1971, here’s a reminder that crafting can be simple and fun. Here’s how to make quick paper Christmas trees. Kids and adults […]

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Thrift Shop Finds

If you read my blog enough (or just poke around it), you’ll see that I kind of love clowns. Well this last weekend –for 75 cents– I found an excellent, and lovely, addition to my vintage kitsch clown collection. I […]

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